Saturday, February 26, 2011

Welcome! What is this all about?

Welcome to our blog!  This blog's description is very short, so I'd like to briefly expand on it so you know what this blog is about and why you should visit it regularly. The idea behind this blog is to turn it into a community think-action tank, and not just a place for discussion and venting.  As a community, we have many resources at our disposal.  Just think about who lives in our area.  From actors and actresses to doctors, lawyers, teachers, urban planners, engineers, and scientists, Brooklyn has an endless supply of talent from around the world that is right at our fingertips.  

What can we do together?  We can think large, small, or somewhere in the middle, but the goal is to turn our thoughts and concerns into actions that achieve results, improve lives, and enhance our community.  This is where we can pool our collective energy, talents, and resources to do something greater than simply "blog" our energy into the www (world-wide-wind).  Let's discuss local concerns ranging from improving government services, to helping individuals who are in crisis and are unable to find assistance through traditional services.  For example, perhaps you have a friend who recently lost a job and is looking for leads in a certain professional area.  Or, you have a neighbor who has to give away a pet and cannot find a new home for the pet.  My hope is that we can build enough readers and followers so we get to a point where we can look at the individual needs of others, as well as broader shared goals, and draw on each other to solve problems as a community.   

Thank you for visiting the blog and please feel free to provide feedback on our mission and any ideas you have are appreciated. 

Matt Silverman

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